Branded Hoodies and Pullovers

There are a wide range of Twenty One Pilots’ hoodies and pullovers available for their hardcore fans. Branded with their logos and cool designs, they are totally worth purchase! Here is a list of some of their hoodies and pullovers that are on sale:

  • Hip Hop Honour hoodie has a logo of the band printed and has a half pattern below. This pullover costs $20, which is a good price for a stylish wear, depending on the size which is available in S, M, L and XL. This design was particularly made for men only and it is available in black only
  • NDBIB with ZigZag design hoodie has a Twenty One Pilots logo printed with a zigzg pattern which differentiates it from other NDBIB hoodies. Available sizes range from small to XXL available in red only.
  • NBDIB For Fans is a men’s pullover with a Twenty One Pilot print over it. It is available in black color and can come as tanks too. Unlike the other brands of Twenty One Pilot hoodies, it is available in Small and XL. One thing when washing this hoodies is to separate it from the other lot to avoid staining as it tends to drain color.
  • NBDIB Men’s Fashion is a Blurryface hoodie with a zipper for men. They are available in three colors and sizes ranging from Small to XXL. Remember to wash these separate and do not bleach them either.
  • Modeboutique is a pullover for men which are available in black only. The size ranges from Small to XXL.
  • Hotcial is a hoodie specifically designed for sportswear. It is light, a good absorpant and warm too because it is made from cotton and microfiber. It is available in orange colors and size ranges from small to XXL.
  • Twenty One Pilots33 hoodie is a tough looking hoodie available in black. The size ranges from Small to XL. It is warm when worn and is suitable for chilly weather. This warmness is brought about by the material used for making this hoodies-Cotton and Polyester.

Hoodie Colors and Sizes

To cater for the wide range of clients, their clothes come in different sizes and colors. The sizes vary from extra small to XXXL, thus it can fit the real lean ones to the real healthy ones. Also a wide selection of colors is available for each of their hoodies and pullovers, thus it keeps in mind the taste of each client. With both the right kind of size and color to suit your needs, it’s a bang of a deal!

Comfort and Material

The Twenty One Pilots’ hoodies and pullovers have a soft and cool material. Most of them are cotton, some maybe a blend of cotton, polyester and microfiber. They are designed for casual wear thus comfort is key for each of the hoodies and pullovers that are available. These hoodies and pullovers give you ultimate coolness and ensure that you feel at ease under their guard.

Twenty One Pilots Apparel Quality

These hoodies are certainly something that will last you for years to come. The quality of these hoodies and pullovers is undoubtedly perfect. The material and the prints used are strong enough to resist numerous amounts of washes. Also they do not shrink or fade out easily.

Choice a Gift

Whether you are treating yourself or gifting their fan one of these clothes, it is quite the perfect thing to do so. This will surely put on a smile on any Twenty One Pilots fan! So be a hero and purchase one of this apparel today!