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Current Twenty One Pilots Tour: Takeover

The USA has always produced great artists in all fields. May it be acting, modeling, or singing. Two such artists are Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They have started the musical duo named Twenty One Pilots. Twenty Pilots is the emerging United States based musical duo. The duo has got amazing appreciation from the public of the States and is now on a tour to show the talent to the world and make people smile by the virtue of their music. They have already started the next Twenty One Pilots tour and the popularity of the stars can be judged from the fact that the tickets to most of the concerts have already been sold out.

THE BANDITØ TØUR is the current Twenty One Pilots tour. The first tour concert was on 21th of September 2021 in Denver, CO. This Twenty One Pilots tour will consist of the duo performing at various places not only around the whole USA and Canada but also around the whole world before finally finishing with the final grand performance at BOK Center in Bondita, Romania on July 17, 2022. The duo will mostly be promoting their sixth studio album, “Scaled and Icy”.

The tour will include amazing live performances of the stars and interactive sessions with the fans. Twenty One Pilots show is aimed to provide people great music at their doorsteps. The environment of these concerts will be set up so as to make a romantic and enjoyable atmosphere. The founders and artists of Twenty One Pilots Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun intend to provide people with some time to relax and listen to music which is definitely the food for the soul.

It is not easy to accommodate the immense number of fans this duo has got in the last decade in a single event. Moreover, it is not feasible for people of whole America and Canada to gather at a single place for a concert. So the artists have planned what is known as the Twenty One Pilots tour to perform in all the prominent stadiums and arenas of both countries. Moreover, the tour is planned by road in order to maximize fan interaction.

The best thing about these artists is that they do not only provide quality music in the concerts, but the concerts are also rather designed to let you forget about your tensions for once and enjoy with the rhythm, believing that life is short and the only way you can enjoy is by letting your body loose and swinging with the rhythm of life.

The beauty of these concerts is that they are not designed or planned to raise funds from the tickets. Though that may be a secondary reason, but the chief reason is to make people change the way they think about concerts. These will be totally different concerts with a totally different environment. They can simply not be encompassed in words. To know what they are like, grab a ticket and attend one. The locations of the concerts are spread all over the world some of them are following while you can get detailed information about the shows and but the tickets at our website.

USA and Canada Tour Info

All US areas: Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Columbus, OH; Atlanta, GA.

All Europe areas: Mexico City, Mexico; Scheessel, Germany; Neuhaunsen Ob Eck, Germany; London, UK; Kiev, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia; Ostrava, Czech Republic; Bondita, Romania.

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Live Updates

October 20, 2018
Milwaukee, WI @ Twenty One Pilots Bandito Tour‬.

Concert in BirminghamConcert in BirminghamConcert in BirminghamConcert in Birmingham

March 20, 2016
Santiago, Chile @ Lollapalooza Chile.

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