All Discography by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots albums listThe Twenty One Pilots albums list has four studio releases. Out of which Twenty One Pilots and Regional At Best are self-released albums and Vessel and Blurryface are labeled Fueled by Ramen. For the album Vessel they used the Rocket Carousel studio whereas for Blurryface they had a brilliant idea of converting their truck into a studio of their own.

In the case of their self-released albums, being their first ones ever, they had used their basements as studios to record the two albums giving a meaning of the nowadays watered down phrase ‘rags to riches’.

All these Twenty One Pilots albums were unique in their own way and were perceived differently by the audience as well. Let’s take a closer look at each of the studio albums.


“Twenty One Pilots” Album

Think about these, two young people meeting and deciding to follow their passion. This passion for good and fresh music is so good that they don’t approach any studio house but instead invest in some equipment and self produced music in their basement. This is the story of Twenty One Pilots, a self-produced album from a self taught band back in 2009. Listening to this 15 song album released on 29th December, 2009 will draw you to their unique rock rap fused with the most melodramatic intros and a mesh between owl city and panic at the studio songs. The band aim is highlighting of societal issues delivered quickly over some awesome piano arrangements. It was their entry album and recognition in the American market as they came in at 141 at the US Billboards in the same year selling 1000 copies in their first week.


“Regional at Best” Album

It was second item in Twenty One Pilots albums list with rap rock theme in it. It was viewed by many as experimental after their first album and as observed, it was a little bit all over the place but remained remarkable. This view of experimentation is what made this album receive mix reviews as others criticized it, others felt it was the best album they have ever heard from this band and that is why it spread and sold out. It was released on 8th July, 2011 and this CD had 14 songs with very expansive, quite religious and with really good film score qualities marking it as their most ambitious album. This album is however hard to find because its distribution was completely cut off when they signed for Fuel by Ramen, however this album is available for only $1560 as a collectible.


“Vessel” Album

With 12 unique and catchy songs in this CD, Vessel is a wonder album and a first to be released after they signed for Fueled by Ramen. It goes for only $6.99 as an audio CD in Amazon. This album was not self made in their studio by released by Grammy Award nominee Grag Wells in 2013. It fuses electro-pop, indie rock and pop genres and listeners are promised really good tracks in this album. One moment you will be rapping along then the next minute you will be taken back and listening to their orchestral genius on show. The most popular hit in this album was “Holding On To You” which was a radio hit and it prompted the sale of 400000 copies in the US peaking at number 21 in the charts. Vessel was the best and ranked 2244 in the Overall Greatest Album Chart. And it sold 1000 copies per week since its release date. Yes, they went like hot cake! They also have a ranking of 1071 in the ‘Overall Artist Rankings’.

In the Year End chart performance for Vessel – the US Billboard 200 gave it a position of 119 and the US billboard Catalog Albums gave it position 20. Furthermore, they received a gold for US for 500,000 shipments


“Blurryface” Album

It is the last and one of the most popular Twenty One Pilots albums. Fusing alternative pop, electro-pop, hip-hop, indie pop, pop, reggae and rock, this record was composed while these guys had truly matured in this game. It peak at number one in the US BillBoard 200 with the songs “Tear in My Heart” having more than 5 million views in YouTube alone. “Stressed Out” continues to climb up the radio charts and no wonder the band continues a meteoritic rise in the number of fans not only in the USA but in countries such as Canada and the UK, in fact is sold more than 80000 copies in the UK alone. Overly, the sale of this album has set a new record for the band itself and for previous Twenty One Pilots albums too. About 800000 copies ere sold in the US alone. These dudes clearly know what they are doing because they understand what their audience needs in a fun way. In the End of Year Chart Performance, the US Billboard 200 gave them position 31, US Billboard Digital Album gave them position 19 and US Billboard Top Rock Albums gave the position 7. They also received a gold certification in Canada, silver in the UK and platinum in the US.