“Quiet Is Violent” EP

Quiet Is Violent album cover
Type: EP
Released: August 1, 2014
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Tracks: 5
Genres: alternative rock, pop music, indie rock, indie pop, electropop

For a growing swath of America’s teenagers, the rock band are the biggest in the world — or are they are pop? Rap? EDM? Forward-thinking mainstream music has always been the sound of disparate styles colliding, and in this era of hyper-accelerated culture, that synthesis is happening faster than ever. All of these and more in their “Quiet Is Violent” EP.

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Album Tracklist

# Song Time Stream
1 Car Radio (live at the Newport Music Hall) 4:37 amazon-icon
2 Holding on to You (live at the Newport Musical Hall) 5:04 amazon-icon
3 Guns for Hands (Live from SXSW) 6:06 amazon-icon
4 House of Gold (Denzel Park remix) 5:28 amazon-icon
5 Car Radio (Great Good Fine OK Remix) 4:23 amazon-icon
6 Guns for Hands (Dzeko & Torres Remix) 5:04 amazon-icon

Our review

Adore them or despise them — and typically there isn’t any in between with these guys — no band represents that convergence of sounds more colorfully or consistently than Twenty One Pilots. While drummer Josh Dun steers the songs all over the stylistic map, Tyler Joseph toggles between rapid-fire nasal rapping and full-throated singing, spiraling and preening across stages when he’s not pounding his piano or strumming a ukulele.


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