“Regional at Best” Album

Regional at Best album cover
Type: Album
Released: July 8, 2011
Label: self-released
Tracks: 14
Genres: Pop/Rock

The genre of this album is hard to define. You can take some pop, hip hop, rock, and electronic and you get the frenzy that is this band. The album keeps things cheery most of the time but occasionally gets dark and introspective. Most of the songs on the record are over 4 minutes, sometimes over 5 – breaking the mold for most dance numbers on top radio.

The buzz about this band indicates their live show is a spectacle to behold, and this record serves as a good preview of that. This album is pure gold, the reason that it is so hard to find, is because it stopped being distributed once the got signed on Fueled by Ramen.

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Album Tracklist

# Song Time Stream
1 Guns For Hands 4:37 amazon-icon
2 Holding On To You 4:26 amazon-icon
3 Ode To Sleep 5:13 amazon-icon
4 Slowdown 4:57 amazon-icon
5 Car Radio 4:49 amazon-icon
6 Forest 4:10 amazon-icon
7 Glowing Eyes 4:26 amazon-icon
8 Kitchen Sink 5:33 amazon-icon
9 Anathema 3:59 amazon-icon
10 Lovely 4:20 amazon-icon
11 Ruby 4:30 amazon-icon
12 Trees 4:20 amazon-icon
13 Be Concerned 4:07 amazon-icon
14 Clear 3:38 amazon-icon

Our review

The second album from very talented, from a musician standpoint, band and this album comes together very nicely. The album offers a nice variety between each song while still having a certain sound that is recognizable as their own. The lyrics to their music, unique sound and music will blow your mind.


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