The Earliest Album

Album History

Tyler Joseph made himself learn the arts of music in his basement area. The keyboard and a little bit of drumming and piano as well. This primarily was the reason why they have achieved immense success as a band to this day, that driving force and consistency, the ability to learn and the passion is what drives Tyler and the band members. In alliance with the former band members, Salih and Thomas, they gave birth to this band Twenty One Pilots. After lots of experimenting in Tyler’s basement they finally decided to release their first album which they enchristened “Twenty One Pilots” to reflect their band name and a brand too. This may have been to promote their band’s name in the early stages. This album which was recorded in the basement was the stepping stone to the success and fame they have achieved today. The album rocked the American market literally; it gave music a new meaning and elevated the standard of music in many quarters.

Release Info

This album was released in 29 December 2009, a date which marked the true beginning of the “Twenty One Pilots” duo within America. It was self released by these young college dudes, who at that point in life looked like they had no goals and blindly believed in their passion. The thoughts of many were proved wrong by the release of this album. They released it in CD and DL format.


The genre of the “Twenty One Pilots” album is pop, rock and indie rock. Tyler and Josh brought their talents out and gave justice to these genres in a way that awed the audience and continues to do so with their duo performances.


The popularity scales soared up high with the release of this album. Their names skyrocketed in the music industry and grabbed attention of many. Fans went berserk over this album and it created a high buzz. They brought in music with a little twist of their own, a unique vibe, something absolutely fresh. This is what got to the audience and made them fall head over heels in love with what they had to offer. They also gave out messages through their songs to which the people could easily relate to, this made it even more personal for their fans.

Critic’s Opinion

Most had positive things to say about this album. The way it had ruled over the hearts of many out there, hardly anybody could pick out something negative. Their efforts were honest and this showed through the kind of music they portrayed. This particular fact made the fans draw closer. With great reviews received in America and even outside, they marked their position clearly with the first release of this album.

Charts Position

They might not have scored on the charts with their first release as they were still fresh, but as word got out and the album was on the roll. It surely made the charts and sold out on CD’s. They raised the bar for most newbie’s and ensured that they couldn’t be tackled for years to come.

Most popular songs from this album

Here is the list of songs that were in the first album they ever created as a band. The songs at a glance:

The song “Implicit Demand For Proof” and “Fall Away” created the maximum buzz. “Fall Away” has some offbeat rhythms, the first ones that were created in those times. Their lyrics were not known to many, but the vibes and beats that brought the energy amongst people, this was an immense feat for them. “Implicit Demand For Proof”, a piano based music that they created had phenomenal response too.

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