Most Popular Twenty One Pilots Hits

Twenty One Pilots is an emerging American musical duo most known for the one of their last albums named Vessel released in January 2013. The album is based on a theory that all of us have something to hide and we live with kinda invisible masks which hide our real faces from the people around us. The Twenty One Pilots songs have become very popular because of the level of perfection achieved by the lead vocalist and the guitarist in making of the songs as well a due to the lyrics which urge the listener to see the brighter side of things and be happy in whatever life has given them. The songs of this album are the real masterpieces of the two artists. Let’s see some of the top Twenty One Pilots songs.

1. Car Radio

This song is totally different from the mainstream. Like the usual Twenty One Pilots songs, it does not have any chorus or hook. The song is a true story of Joseph’s being late from the class. Actually that day was a turning point in his life. In the haste of going to class, he forgot to lock his car and the car was attacked by some not so honest people who stole the accessories like the car radio, the GPS CD’s and all other equipment from the car that they could. Financially at that time, Joseph was not able to get any of the things replaced. He decided to do something about himself and about music because at that time he wished he could listen to some good music on the car radio which he couldn’t. After that incident, he dropped out of the college and got involved in the field of music and eventually became what he is today.

2. Holding on to you

Tyler says that all of us come to the world and live as singles. So it is his single. The melody of this song is a very simple one and that is the great thing about it. It is the song which took the most of effort from Tyler. The song is the best from Tyler Joseph and is highly appreciated by the fans. The vast number of vocal and musical skills used in this song suggest that this band can compose any genre of music in such a way as the listener want it to be.

3. House Of Gold

It is one of the many based on true story Twenty One Pilots songs. Tyler says once he walked into a music store and fell in love with a ukulele, even though he didn’t know how to play it still he bought it and learnt a few cords. He used this instrument to compose this song. The song is dedicated to his mother and the way he has song it speaks out his love care and affection for his mother. According to Tyler, he put the least amount of effort and the most amount of love into this hit, making it a really good one.

4. Migraine

Tyler Joseph says that when it comes to poetry, he has used the best poetry he has ever written to make this song. Tyler wrote the verses long before he composed the music for this song and according to him when the poetry is written beforehand, it gives a spirit to the composer to make the music to match the poetry.

5. Ode To Sleep

It is the first song on the album Vessel. Like all the other Twenty One Pilots songs, this song is written and composed with the best efforts from both of the musicians. It is made to prepare the listener for the rest of the album and is a soothing song. Tyler Joseph said in an interview that this song just happened to him and he didn’t know in what state of mind did he write and compose it.